Bonus Feature:  Technical Tips

Technical Tips are included at the end of several chapters.  The tips provide truckload transportation-specific applications of many common spreadsheet and database features.

The technical tips cover many popular spreadsheet topics such as Pivot Tables, the 'Table" feature, net present value analysis, the vlookup function, and various text functions.

The tips also include advanced topics such as the application of the "Solver" feature to the load assignment problem and advanced network sensitivity analysis using a "Monte Carlo" simulation.

The book also includes a number of technical tips at the end of certain chapters.  The tips provide truckload transportation applications of many common spreadsheet and database features.  Technical tips include:

  • Basic database report design in Microsoft Access® (Chapter 7)
  • Vlookup and Hlookup spreadsheet functions (Chapter 3)
  • Solver / Linear Programming spreadsheet feature (Chapter 6)
  • Spreadsheet design for time-based calculations (Chapter 7)
  • Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return Spreadsheet Setup (Ch. 10)
  • Spreadsheet design for Monte Carlo simulation sensitivity analysis (Ch. 12)
  • Sensitivity analysis using the "Table" spreadsheet feature (Chapter 12)
  • Using "Pivot Tables" in spreadsheets (Chapter 13)
  • Text function tips and tricks for manipulating data in spreadsheets (Ch. 13)

Several of these technical tips are available at no charge. 
Please visit the Free Items pages to download these free technical tips.