Contents:  Truckload Transportation: Economics, Pricing & Analysis

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5 Sections
15 Chapters
464 Pages
450+ Illustrations, Maps & Tables
9 Detailed Technical Tips
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Contents Outline
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Section 1:  Introduction to Truckload Transportation 
  Chapter 1:  Introduction to Truckload Transportation (Full Chapter
  Chapter 2:  The Trucking Business Model

    Section 2:  One-Way Pricing and Network Analysis
      Chapter 3:  Introduction to One-Way Pricing
      Chapter 4:  Core Concepts in One-Way Pricing (Sample
      Chapter 5:  Advanced Concepts in One-Way Pricing
      Chapter 6:  Network Management and Optimization
      Chapter 7:  Operations and Profitability Analysis (Sample

    Section 3:  Dedicated Fleet Pricing and Design 
      Chapter 8:  Introduction to Dedicated Fleet Pricing (Sample
      Chapter 9:  Dedicated Pricing and Cost Forecasting
      Chapter 10:  Establishing the Proper Margin for a Dedicated Fleet 
      Chapter 11:  Special Topics in Dedicated Pricing
      Chapter 12:  Semi-Dedicated Pricing and Design

    Section 4:  Bid Response and Analysis 
      Chapter 13:  Bid Response and Analysis
      Chapter 14:  Case Studies in Bid Response Analysis (Sample

    Section 5:  Key Concepts for Shippers
      Chapter 15:  Key Concepts for Shippers (Sample)