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Truckload Transportation:
Economics, Pricing & Analysis

Truckload Transportation: Economics, Pricing and Analysis is a 464-page, full color, hardback book covering the truckload business model, one-way pricing concepts, dedicated fleet pricing and design, and bid response analysis.  The book covers all the important truckload transportation concepts such as capacity and balance, utilization, length of haul, empty miles, and revenue per mile.

The book provides an in-depth review of all forms of dedicated pricing including fixed-variable, utilization scales and over-under.  The dedicated pricing chapters also cover special topics such as shuttle pricing and mileage band pricing.The book also includes four detailed case studies in bid response analysis, a detailed chapter on network analysis, and a special chapter of truckload transportation concepts specifically for truckload shippers.

Since its release in December 2010, the book has been sold in over 33 U.S. states, 5 Canadian provinces, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.  One Fortune 100 shipper recently purchased over 25 books for their transportation procurement team.

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The author's original book on truckload pricing, Truckload Transportation:  Economics, Pricing & Analysis, was released in December 2010. The book covers all areas of truckload pricing including one-way pricing, dedicated fleet pricing and bid response analysis. Since its release, the book has been sold in over 30 U.S. states, 5 Canadian provinces, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. 

Based on feedback from industry professionals, the author created a smaller version of the book entitled Truckload Transportation:  One-way Pricing and Profitability.  Content on dedicated fleet pricing is removed, allowing this smaller book to focus on the basic truckload business model, one-way pricing and bid response analysis.  Please note:  All content from this book is taken directly from the original book.

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Truckload Transportation:
One-way Pricing and Profitability

Truckload Transportation:  One-way Pricing and Profitability is a 248-page softcover book covering every facet of one-way truckload pricing including length of haul, asset utilization, empty miles and revenue per mile.  The book also covers more advanced topics such as headhaul and back markets as well as capacity / balance and network management.

This condensed book is taken directly from the author's original book, Truckload Transportation:  Economics, Pricing & Analysis.  If you already own the original book, it is not necessary to purchase this new book.

The book provides an excellent training resource for new carrier personnel including pricing analysts, salespeople, dispatchers and customer service.  Even the most experienced professionals will benefit from the advanced presentation of the core concepts of truckload transportation such as length of haul, cycle time and the truckload business model.

Click here for a PDF that summarizes all the contents and benefits of the book.