Spreadsheet Tools and Packages

To support the information and models presented in the book, we offer a variety of customized spreadsheet solutions for actual carrier use and training.  The spreadsheet offerings include each model that is presented in detail in the book. 

Each spreadsheet includes documentation and instructions.  However, the spreadsheets provide the greatest value when use in conjunction with the examples in the book.

Spreadsheets are available only through this website.




Dedicated Pricing Model Based on Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return - $99.00 
This full spreadsheet model contains everything needed to begin utilizing an investment-based approach to dedicated pricing.  Before use, the model must be populated with the carrier's operating cost assumptions and related information.  The book provides detailed instructions on the use of this model.  Additional training and setup support is also available.   The full spreadsheet model includes:
  • Cost Inputs for All Fixed and Variable Operating Costs
  • Flexible Driver Pay Budgeting based on Mileage Pay or Annual Gross Income
  • Monthly Operating Cash Flow Forecast up to 5 Years 
  • Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return Calculations
  • Full Models for Fixed-Variable Pricing, Utilization Scale Pricing, and Over-Under Pricing
  • Ability to Account for DSO / Average Collection Period in Pricing Design

Short Haul / Mileage Band Dedicated Fleet Size Model with Sensitivity Analysis - $29.00
This spreadsheet includes the short haul / mileage band fleet size and utilization model as well as the dedicated fleet cost to one-way pricing conversion model.  The model provides the basic format and formulas for each model.  The end user will be required to manipulate the basic model slightly for each pricing and design exercise.  Additional training and setup support is also available.  The full spreadsheet model includes:
  • The Basic Fleet Size Model Fleet Size Sensitivity Analysis using the "Table" Spreadsheet Feature
  • Accurate Allocation of Dedicated Pricing Model Revenues to Each Mileage Band
  • Monte Carlo Fleet Size Simulation Model Setup
  • Fleet Size Model with Secondary Capacity
  • Model for Blending Rates from Dedicated Pricing and Secondary Capacity Pricing 

Truckload Transportation Spreadsheet Toolkit - Free Link Below 
This spreadsheet package includes all the other spreadsheet tips included in the book.  The toolkit includes each of the following models and examples:     
  • Vlookup and Hlookup Features with examples applied to a State-to-State Rate Matrix
  • Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return Basic Spreadsheet Setup
  • Linear Programming / Solver problem setup and solution
  • Time-based Reporting Calculations for Dock Time, Transit Time, Buffer Time, and related measures
  • Text Tips and Techniques such as the Left, Right, Mid and Concatenate Functions
  • Pivot Table Design Examples 
Toolkit Spreadsheet    Toolkit Documentation
Spreadsheets are delivered via email attachment within 24 hours (most within 1 hour)

All spreadsheets are based in Excel 2003.