Shipper Benefits

While the book is written primarily for the benefit of truckload carriers, shippers and related parties will also gain valuable insight into truckload transportation by reading the entire book.  While Chapter 15 focuses exclusively on shipper issues, it is important that shippers read the entire book to gain the maximum benefit from this chapter.

The topics covered throughout the book will provide shippers with a much deeper understanding of the carrier's business model, cost structure, and operating strategy.  By having a greater understanding of the needs of their carriers, shippers can become better partners and potentially enjoy improved service and lower transportation costs as a result.

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  • how shipper requirements impact transportation costs through a deeper understanding of the carrier business model.
  • all the key carrier business metrics such as length of haul, utilization, revenue per mile, cycle time, and many others.
  • how carriers formulate pricing strategies and use bid opportunities to optimize and balance the freight network.
  • how carriers design and price dedicated fleets along with the pros and cons of various types of dedicated fleet contract structures.
  • the potential risks of measuring truckload transportation costs on a cost-per-mile or cost-per-unit-of-product basis.
  • how to allocate transportation costs, particularly dedicated fleet costs, to individual business units and cost centers.