Carrier Benefits

The book provides simple and fundamental explanations of all the key pricing variables such as length of haul, cycle time, utilization, empty miles and revenue per mile.   These straightforward discussions will enhance any carrier's understanding of these critical network concepts.

The book also covers dedicated pricing and semi-dedicated pricing in great detail.  Carriers interested in expanding into true dedicated operations will be well-prepared to enter this market with competitive pricing after carefully reviewing the chapters on dedicated fleet pricing and design.

Even the most experienced dedicated carriers will benefit from the analysis of the operating ratio pricing approach in Chapter 10.  The chapter explains why a simple cost-plus pricing approach is severly flawed and results in very inaccurate pricing.

The four detailed case studies in Chapter 14 tie all the pricing and analysis concepts together in these real-world bid response examples.  The case studies cover both one-way pricing and dedicated fleet pricing scenarios.

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  • increase revenue per mile
  • fine-tune bid response strategy
  • expand reporting and analysis capabilities
  • master dedicated fleet pricing and design
  • learn the weaknesses of the operating ratio measurement
  • improve the accuracy of short haul and mileage band pricing


  • how utilization, empty miles, loaded revenue per mile, and length of haul interact to create a profitable network
  • how to evaluate the one-way network through well-designed financial statements and operating reports
  • how to analyze the contents of a bid and design creative and effective package bid strategies
  • how to properly account for utilization levels and capital investment requirements in dedicated fleet pricing
  • how to correctly price semi-dedicated opportunities such as short haul and mileage band contracts