Section 4:
Bid Analysis and Response

Section 4 includes two detailed chapters covering all areas of bid response and analysis.  Both chapters provide extensive information and strategies for designing "package" bids.

The case studies in Chapter 14 provide detailed examples of bid response analysis and strategy.  The cases cover both one-way pricing and dedicated fleet pricing.

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Chapter 13:  Bid Analysis and Response
Chapter 13 summarizes the entire bid process from the perspective of both the shipper and the carrier.  The chapter covers carrier qualifications, bid summary analysis and the bid optimization and lane packaging process.  The chapter also includes a sample bid analysis from the perspective of three different carriers, a large national carrier, a regional carrier and a small local carrier.  Key topics include:
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Contents
  • Carrier RFP Qualificiations
  • Carrier Summary Analysis of Bid Contents
  • Bid Response Strategies by Carrier Type
    • Large National Carrier
    • Regional Carrier
    • Local Short Haul Carrier 
  • Bid Optimization Tools and Strategies
    • Carrier Capacity Constraints
    • Shipper Carrier Selection and Business Award Constraints
  • Lane Packaging in Bid Analysis
  • Formatting Shipment Data in RFP's

Chapter 14:  Case Studies in Bid Response Analysis
Chapter 14 includes four detailed case studies in bid response analysis.  Each case study includes each step in the bid response process including preliminary analysis, follow-up questions to the shipper, solution design, pricing design and the final proposal.  Case studies include:

  • Case 1:  Traditional One-Way Bid
    • Capacity and Balance Analysis
    • Network Mapping
    • Shipper Follow-up Questions
    • Lane-by-Lane Pricing Strategy
  • Case 2:  One-Way Bid with Lane Packaging
    • Capacity and Balance Analysis
    • Out-and-Back Packages
    • Balanced Tour Packages
    • High-Volume Network Packages
  • Case 3:  Regional Distribution Bid
    • Delivery Schedule Design
    • Fleet Sizing and Estimating Trailer Requirements
    • Dedicated Pricing and Dedicated Driver Pay Design
    • Hybrid One-Way / Dedicated Solution
  • Case 4:  Dedicated Fleet with Fixed-Variable Pricing
    • Extensive Fixed-Variable Pricing Design
    • On-site Management
    • Extra Trailer Pricing
    • Implementation Schedule

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